What is LinkedIP?

LinkedIP is an innovative Cloud Communications and Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) provider, that since 1998, has been helping businesses to transform and enhance the way they communicate with their associates, colleagues, customers and vendors.

LinkedIP’s commitment is to provide the best cloud communications experience that help organizations to grow and become more productive. Through alliances and partnerships with IT industry leaders such as Cisco, Polycom, PortaOne and many others, LinkedIP streamlines a series of effective communication services and network infrastructure solutions.

With a large base of customers around the country LinkedIP serves banks, hospitals, freight forwarders, health agencies, law offices, manufacturers, luxury boats automation agencies, security agencies, real state agencies, staffing agencies, and a variety of business in many more industries.

Unlike the traditional name brand service providers, LinkedIP is well known for its portfolio of tailored solutions that put any business in a new path of growth. We believe our technology has to impact business processes for better anywhere it is adopted. No wonder why all of our customers experience an increase of their sales, customer satisfaction and/or expense reduction after signing in.

LinkedIP also provides unparalleled customer service experience due to the legit care of our team of specialists and professionals. LinkedIP goes beyond customer expectations. Our contract-free policy is the best guarantee for our promise of an enterprise class service.

Today, LinkedIP is South Florida’s #1 Award Winning choice for Certified IT Consultancy, Integrated CRM Solutions, Internet-working Equipment and VOIP Phone Services.

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