Grandstream GXP1630


Grandstream GXP1630

Our most powerful entry-level Basic IP phone, the Grandstream GXP1630 or Grandstream 1628  delivers an effective communications platform for access to quick call control.

Delivering a vibrant and clear user interface, this device is a perfect solution for those who handle low to medium call volume and require access to key call efficiency functionalities.

The GXP1630 comes equipped with a suite of VoIP features that are deployed in a clear and easy-to-use fashion. Focused primarily for low to medium call volumes and efficient call handling, its 3 line/SIP account design and 8 dual-colored BLF/speed-dial keys give this versatility.

The GXP1630 also supports the best possible connection speeds and call quality with its dual Gigabit ports and HD audio on both speakerphone and handset.

With other features such as its integrated PoE, 3 XML programmable soft keys, and 4-way conferencing support, the GXP1630 is a high-quality and versatile Basic IP phone.


Grandstream GXP1630

The Grandstream GXP1630 or Grandstream 1630 is a powerful Gigabit IP phone designed for small businesses.

This Linux-based, 3-line IP Phone model includes 8 BLF keys and 4-way conferencing to keep workers in-touch and productive.

A 132×64 backlit LCD screen creates a clear display for easy viewing.

Additional features such as dual HD audio, multi-language support, integrated PoE, and 3 XML programmable allow the Grandstream 1630 to be high quality, versatile and dependable office phone.

As all Grand stream IP phones do, the Grandstream 1630 features state-of-the-art security encryption technology (SRTP and TLS).

The GXP1630 supports a variety of automated provisioning options, including zero-configuration with Grand stream’s UCM series IP PBXs, encrypted XML files, and TR-069, to make mass deployment extremely easy.