Grandstream GXP1400

Grandstream gxp1400

The GXP 1400 / 1405 (1405 supports integrated PoE, 1400 does not) is Grandstream’s new super-affordable 2-line, 2 SIP account HD VoIP phone.

It features a 128×40 graphical LCD, two LED line keys, and 3 XML-programmable, context-sensitive soft keys. It also includes most, if not all of the specs you’d find on other, more expensive VoIP desk phones: a hands-free speakerphone, a headset jack, etc.

Now, just how affordable are we talking about? The GXP 1405 has a list price of $65, but we were able to find it available from some online vendors for a little over $40 (wholesale pricing), making it the most affordable phone we’ve ever tested and reviewed.

Note that Grandsteam actually released an even more affordable model, the GXP 1100/1105, a single line (1 SIP account) HD VoIP phone with no graphical display and no speakerphone, among other things.

The GXP 110X can be found for $32-$34 and would work great as lobby / waiting-room phones. I would, however, highly recommend upgrading to the GXP 140X or higher if you’re in the market for a phone that will sit on your desk. The extra  8 bucks is a small price to pay for the added benefits of line keys, a graphical LCD, speakerphone, etc.


Grandstream gxp1400

Grandstream GXP1400 / 1405 is a next-generation small-to-medium business IP phone that features 2 lines with 1 SIP account, a 128×40 graphical LCD, 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE (GXP1405 only), and a 3-way conference.

The GXP1400/1405 delivers superior HD audio quality, rich and leading edge telephony features, personalized information and customizable application service, automated provisioning for easy deployment, advanced security protection for privacy, and broad interoperability with most 3rd party SIP devices and leading SIP/NGN/IMS platforms.

It is a perfect choice for small-to-medium businesses looking for a high-quality, feature-rich IP phone at an affordable cost.