Robust Apps that ease movility, communication and back up to your company.


IP Voice for Business

Usage of mobile applications has accomplished an improvement on how businesses work today.

Implementation of tools for alowing remote and un-interrupted communication between the different work areas in your company guarantee a wider coverage and points to a growth into your business.

Mobile App Benefits

  • Multi – platform System. IOS or Android
  • Complete and integrated communication solution
  • Use personal and business numbers separately
  • Keep professional business presence
  • Manage your contacts efficiently
  • Exceptional communication quality

How To Install Linkedip Mobile App

Find and download SessionCloud SIP Softphone app from the App Store or Play Store

STEP ONE: Look for our SessionCloud SIP Softphone app at the App Store or Play Store

STEP TWO: Open the app and type in Operator Code (LINKEDIP)

STEP THREE: Type your user and password (provided by your account manager)

STEP FOUR: Start making calls to your preferred destinies

Downloads from IOS and Android Platforms

Regardless if you use IOS or Andriod devices, you may download our app using the respective links below. Sign in your SIP account and start enjoying the features of your business phone.

If you do not know your access credentials, contact your comercial advisor here.