International Calls with the best audio quality and unbeatable prices.


Nationwide or Worldwide

LinkedIP’s International Calls service allow you to dial anywhere in the world. Thanks to our direct interconnection with the top carriers and tiers, it is possible for us to connect you with any phone number regardless if it’s landline, mobile or a satellite phone.

Our technology establishes a truly point-to-point through our network of carriers in order to offer the best quality. Our low price per minute lets you stay on the phone as long as you want.

  • Call using your phone carrier

    It does not matter who provides you with a phone service. Through the use of our pinless calling service you can call the world .

  • Call using your Internet access

    We can provide you with an analog telephone adaptor or simply a PC software that allows you to dial international numbers.

  • Call using your smart device or VoIP device

    Download our Android or IOS app and you are ready to go. You can use a VoIP enabled device or system such as an Asterisk server.

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We offer very low rates for international destinations. Use the drop down menu tool below in order to browse for destinations and pricing. You may select a Country from the drop list or specify an specific destination prefix.