Why You Should Consider a Cloud Phone System?

Hello.  In this short article i just want to focus on some important reasons why businesses should consider a hosted phone system.   Everyday i get to see lot of companies tied to very old non-smart phone systems. That is not necessary a bad thing, however, if you or your business is in that list, here it is a couple of facts that may help you consider to upgrade.

1. It reduces the amount of required money

With a cloud based phone system you don’t need to buy a “box” nor pay for installation and fine tuning.  You start saving because you get a service for which you pay on a monthly basis.  On top, you don’t need to pay for phone and data lines.

2. You won’t need too much IT support

With a cloud based phone system your telephony turns into another computer application or program.  You manage everything from a web page on your computer or smart device.

3. Monthly costs instead of capital expenses

Since there are no large servers or system to purchase all you have is an affordable monthly service fee that dramatically improves productivity.  No need to worry about contracts with telephone carriers because all is inclusive.

4. Business continuity

If anything goes wrong like the Internet goes down or there is flooding or a hurricane, you can always forward all incoming calls to your cell phone or to another branch.  So you don’t have to worry about the continuity of your business; it does not happen the same when using legacy PBX systems.

5. Elasticity

A cloud based phone system is not tied to support certain amount of fixed employees.  A cloud based phone system can scale up or down according to the current need.

6. Great features

A cloud telephone system has all those whistles and blows you ever wanted.  They are included and you don’t have to pay extra for them.  Some of those features may include HD voice, automated dialing or interactive voice responses.

7. Forever updated

Remember there is no physical box at our premises. So the provider will maintain and upgrade everything from a central network.  This means that they will push updates automatically without you ever having to worry.

8. Conduct business anywhere

Ah… mobility!  A cloud phone system unties your from your desk and enables new scenarios like teleworkers, mobile collaboration and more.  Work from everywhere where there is Internet access.

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